Garey Simmons

On the date of my writing this introduction to, I am a few days away from celebrating my 68th birthday. This means I am a baby boomer and according to prevailing conditions in our society, I will be experiencing a general decline in cognitive ability, function and motor ability and one or more of the four major chronic diseases will be stalking me, or are attempting to catch up with me.

But I disagree with prevailing sentiment and in the last fifteen years, I have sought to reverse these aging trends and have worked to stay “fit” and “able” and “functional.” I am laden with some familial genetic issues around diabetes and heart disease.

My goal, which I affirm every morning upon awakening is to fill up my heart with love, joy and happiness to the best of my ability and translate these feelings and emotions into the health and vitality that I desire. If you have been on a plane in the last 30 years, you’ll know the attendant demonstrates how to fit the oxygen mask and tells us to put our own mask on first before trying to help another. The lesson is simple. We must care for ourselves first before we can care for others. If you fill up your heart to overflowing, it’s much easier to perform and care for those around you. 

I want to share far and wide the concept of self-care and self-love. If we don’t care for ourselves, why should we expect others to do this for us? If we don’t love and respect ourselves, how can we expect others to love and respect us?

I have been a health coach for many years. I have studied various means of obtaining and attaining better health. I am the father of ten children, five girls and five boys. The youngest is 24.

I am certified in several areas of health, fitness and wellness. What I know I am working on everyday to share via the blog posts here and in the courses, I have created and the knowledge I have assembled.

Many of the principles herein you already know. I call these “first Principles.” Many times, we either intuitively know something or have been told certain truths, but often we forget or are not practiced enough into the good habits that can serve us as we age.

My hope is that you will join me in this journey, learn something and share and give back something. I have thought long about the idea of making this a completely free site without cost, or charging a nominal fee to serve two purposes: 1) Buy in. If you commit even a small amount of money you have a better chance of taking the course material seriously. 2) By joining these small fees together, we can jointly accomplish some good in the world.

The company I founded in 2006, Optimal Health Bridge, is now under the leadership of John Riedl who has the same goals to help enrich the world and better the health of everyone he comes in contact with. This allows me the time to devote more effort to quantifying and qualifying methods to reaching “optimal health.” Optimal Health Bridge has been making monthly donations of six bottles of True Omega-3 to a clinic and dispensary in Nigeria. This amounts to 1,440 capsules each month. It’s a small drop in an ocean of need.

dr david ajibadeDr David Ajibade who founded the clinic is a good friend and we’d like to help him expand the good work he has begun. You can check out the Brain and Body Foundation online.

So, I feel good about asking for $3 a month from each subscriber to this website. I’ll promote health products I use and find useful at a discount to make these tools as accessible as possible to anyone who has the goal of improving their health.

The Basic Course is called MEDS, which is an acronym for Mind State, Exercise, Diet and Sleep. These are the 4 quadrants that if paid attention to, will go a long way towards bettering and improving health, as well as preventing dis-ease and chronic disease. This course will always be free. You will need to hand over your email address that means set up an account to access the material but there is no charge.

All the other courses will be in the membership section for which you only need to subscribe for a monthly cost of $3. Take from it what you need. You need not agree with me on every point, but I think there are enough nuggets of information to make it worth your while to peruse. . We are constantly adding new material, new blog posts, new courses and we would like to hear from you on any issues you find intriguing. Feedback is always welcome.