Think Big, Act Boldly, and Increase Your Confidence

Think Big, Act Boldly, and Increase Your Confidence

Average thinking and actions lead to average results. They also lead to average levels of confidence. It would be nice to just have confidence without doing anything to deserve feelings of confidence, but that’s a tough trick to pull off. You can take a few simple steps and be the deserving recipient of all the confidence you’ll ever need.

Raise your standards and gain higher levels of confidence:

  1. Set your sights higher. Instead of shooting for a new job with a 15% raise, what about a 30% raise? Rather than starting a sideline business and adding $1,000/month to your income, what if your goal was to replace your current income with your sideline business idea?
  • One of the keys to more success and confidence is raising your standards. Most people never rise above mediocrity because that level of achievement is comfortable. It isn’t too difficult and life is pleasant enough at the level. Demand more of yourself and life.
  • Double everything. One way to raise your standards is to double everything. Whether you’re talking about increasing your income, making a certain number of cold calls each week, or approaching strangers in order to work on your social skills, double your first instinct.
  • Avoid the mistake of doing just enough. Go above and beyond. Don’t be pleasantly surprised by your success. Instead, set big enough goals and do enough to achieve them that you’re shocked if you fail.
  • Use the idea of overwhelming force to ensure your success. The military often applies this technique. If a situation calls for 1,000 troops, five tanks, and three helicopters, they might send 3,000 troops, 15 tanks, and 10 helicopters. Victory is all but assured.
  • If you need to exercise three times each week to reach your weight loss goal, hit the gym five times per week.

  • Do you need to approach 10 potential clients each week to reach your income goal? Approach at least 20 instead.

  • Make it impossible to fail. Put in enough effort that success is practically guaranteed.
  • When you set big goals and take massive action, you feel in control of your life. This type of behavior leads to confidence. Imagine setting a big goal and going above and beyond the activity requirements to ensure that goal is reached. Imagine how good that would feel.
  • What do most people do instead? They make plans to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes, but convince themselves it’s okay to quit after 20 minutes.

  • They make plans to call five potential clients each day, but only call two.

  • They need to lose 50 pounds but settle for losing 20 pounds.

  • This type of behavior is ruinous to your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Enjoy your successes. It’s likely that you’re too hard on yourself. You have every right to rejoice in your triumphs. Doing so will increase the pleasant feelings you associate with big goals, hard work, and success. You’ll be more likely to experience success again in the future.

Small goals, weak effort, and mediocre results won’t result in high levels of self-confidence. You can only expect to feel as confident as the average person. Set your sights higher.

Instead of setting small goals to avoid disappointing yourself, set big goals that give you the chance to be highly successful. Instead of actions and a level of activity that might lead to success, do so much that you can’t fail. The resulting boost of confidence you receive is well-deserved. Enjoy it and then repeat the process.

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